The Viola Plummer Saga Continues

Viola Plummer and the City Council attorneys who are trying to fire her for her "assassination" remark are expected back in a Brooklyn court later today to see if they can come to some kind of resolution.

You know the story: Plummer said that because Leroy Comrie didn't support a certain street renaming, that he shouldn't ascend to higher office, even "If it takes an assassination of his ass…"

Plummer has been suspended and could be fired if she doesn't sign a letter by 5 p.m. today promising to behave. This seems similar to when they tried to get newly elected Councilman Mathieu Eugene to sign a letter verifying that he met eligibility requirements to hold office. He refused, saying it violated his rights (although he did submit proof that he was eligible to hold office.) The Council later said it was voluntary.

Anyway, Plummer et al are due back in court around 2 p.m. The Viola Plummer Saga Continues