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To the Editor:

I was surprised to read Alexandra Jacobs’ description of Katie Roiphe’s new job at NYU [“Roiphe Escapes From Herself, Delves Into Edwardian Marriages,” July 2-July 9]. Ellen Willis was a full professor at NYU, and the director of the university’s Cultural Reporting and Criticism Program; I now hold the latter position. Ms. Roiphe has been hired as an assistant professor. She didn’t “land” Ms. Willis’ job.

Ms. Willis was an ardent feminist and a brilliantly original feminist thinker; and it was she who, more than a year ago, originally invited Ms. Roiphe to give a talk on women critics at NYU and, then, to begin teaching in our program.

Susie Linfield
Associate Professor, Department of Journalism, NYU

Director, Cultural Reporting and Criticism Program, NYU
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