Trump Rival in 220 Riverside Boulevard Buys $2.17 M. Village Spread

Donald Trump and his clan are an infinite force. They personify our zeal for vast money, vaster hair, tall shiny buildings and walloping fame. That force, as Rosie O’Donnell’s career trajectory since her feud with Mr. Trump suggests, is simply not to be tussled with.

Take Eugenia Kaye, whose ex-husband happens to be the filmmaker Tony Kaye (who directed American History X). Late last year, she waged a very public home-turf battle against Donald Trump Jr., ejecting him from the condo board at Trump Place’s 220 Riverside Boulevard tower.

Now, hardly six months later, she’s bought a place several miles away, a fourth-floor apartment on West 18th Street. According to city records, she paid $2.171 million.

Young Mr. Trump is traveling, but his proud father told The Observer, “I feel sorry for the people in the building she’s going to.”

This is why she’s going: After reportedly sending hand-addressed letters to the owners of 220 Riverside’s 420 apartments in October, describing complaints like $80,000 spent on office supplies and miscellany, plus a $300,000 electric bill, Ms. Kaye led a charge to replace her building’s seven-person condo board.

She succeeded. “They treated us with scorn,” a resident told The New York Post about the old board, “so it’s good riddance.” Ms. Kaye became board president: “Donnie Trump’s face went white.”

Then the counterrevolution came! Young Mr. Trump reportedly sued Ms. Kaye for $50 million, and said she hit a building manager at their holiday party. She was not charged.

Does buying a 1,905-square-foot apartment far away signal defeat? According to city records, Ms. Kaye hasn’t sold her old condo, so it isn’t clear if the Trumps have officially won. Calls to her phone were returned by a publicist, Larry Kopp, who said they wouldn’t comment.

Mr. Trump was chattier. He explained why condo boards are important to buildings, and talked about his real estate wares like an old-time salesman: “Once they move into a Trump building, they never leave … except for the bad ones.” Trump Rival in 220 Riverside Boulevard Buys $2.17 M. Village Spread