Vibe Rater: Grey Dog Coffee, 90 University Place

For a venue that strives to reflect the down-home feel of a small college-town hangout, the new NYU-area Grey Dog Coffee sure picked an awfully early bedtime.

3 p.m.? Even the kiddies in Poughkeepsie stay out later than that!

"JUST WORKIN OUT THE KINKS" reads a sign at the entrance of the tiny shop, which opened last week. (On Monday, the caffeine’s supposed to flow as late as 11:30 p.m. The 24-hour Starbucks at Union Square is quivering at the prospect.)

Break out the camo shorts and bandanas — and be prepared to endure an emasculating playlist of Bloc Party and Sufjan Stevens songs — amid a decor that's part urban loft (exposed brick, piping), and part country farm (brown fencing, weather vanes). The propped open door only enhances the motif, suggesting that these friendly baristas truly grew up in a barn.

Be forewarned, city slickers: Leave the conversation-killing laptop at home. There's no wifi — nor even many available electrical sockets. "We're not into that," explained one barista.

Vibe Rater: Grey Dog Coffee, 90 University Place