VSL// Sweet, smart, cool, beautiful brand-new music

Fans of the Icelandic band Sigur Rós (and we’re among them) may already love the work of fellow Icelandic group Amiina without even knowing it. The female quartet was responsible for the strings and a good deal of the quirky charm on Sigur Rós’s last few albums and has recently released its own first full-length album, Kurr (available now).

Kurr (from the Icelandic word for a bird’s coo) employs a melodic plethora of sounds most rock-listening ears aren’t exposed to very often: xylophones, glockenspiels, table harps, cellos, violins, bells, water glasses, and bowing saws. The album is mostly vocals-free — save for a subtle bit of chanting — and it lightly weaves a dreamy, pretty melody that floats consistently along over Kurr’s 12 tracks. It’s the perfect music when you need a break from the screeching horns and overheated clatter of everyday life.

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VSL// Sweet, smart, cool, beautiful brand-new music