Warner resigns

Col. Michael Warner resigned tonight as Burlington County Republican Chairman. Vice Chairwoman Dawn Lacey is serving as Acting Chairman, and lobbyist Bill Layton — ex-County Chairman Glenn Paulsen's next door neighbor, is running the county organization.


Dear Republican County Committee Member:

It has been an honor to have served as your Chairman since December 15, 2004.

Public service has been an integral part of my life. The devotion to duty which characterized my almost thirty year Army career has been my guidepost in all my civilian leadership positions.

While I never sought the Party Chairman’s post many leading figures in our party urged me to step up to the plate when a vacancy arose in 2004. Out of duty, I agreed to lead our Party and meet the many challenges before us. I am proud of the changes made to revitalize our organization and address misperceptions held by some members of the public.

Despite a poisonous national environment for our Party, I’m very proud to have led our Party to victories in November 2005, and again in November 2006, with the exception of the surrogate’s post.

I am also very proud of the 2007 ticket which I helped assemble. Our Sheriff and Freeholder candidates, 7th District team, and 8th District team, along with Assemblyman Joe Malone in the 30th District, are the strongest and most dynamic candidates to be found anywhere in the state.

Finally, I’m very proud to have worked closely with our reform-minded Freeholder Board in charting a course of providing accountable, cost-efficient government which respects the taxpayers. I fervently believe that good government is good politics. Our Burlington County Government is progressive, visionary, and a leader in so many areas. Given this remarkable record of serving the people, it is of paramount importance that we fight to ensure our Freeholder Board remains solidly Republican.

Since we’ve recently nominated our candidate team in the primary, and while we gear up to wage aggressive campaigns this fall, now is the right time for a united party. With heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped, I’m stepping down as Chairman effective today.

While no longer at the helm, I will continue volunteering my time to help our candidates win. There are surely challenges ahead for our Party, but with a team of first-rate candidates and a record of putting the taxpayers first, we will be victorious.

Thank you for all you do for the Republican Party. Now, let’s unite and work hard to ensure that November 6, 2007 is a winning day for all of us.


Michael L. Warner Warner resigns