Wolfson on Bill O’Reilly Tomorrow

Hillary Clinton may have gone after Fox pundit Bill O’Reilly, but it hasn't translated into an all-out ban on his show.

A Fox official just sent out word that Clinton's top aide, Howard Wolfson, is scheduled to appear on O’Reilly’s show tomorrow, discussing Daily Kos and Jet Blue’s sponsorship of the group’s annual meeting.

The email from Fox:

Programming note: Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's Communications Director Howard Wolfson will appear on The O’Reilly Factor tomorrow (Tuesday 8PM ET Fox News Channel) to discuss the daily kos/ yearly kos/jet blue sponsorship.

UPDATE: A reader contacted me to say there's another way to view Wolfson's scheduled appearance on the show. It is not a departure of Clinton's criticism of O'Reilly, but rather, a continuation of it, since Wolfson is going there to defend Daily Kos. Wolfson on Bill O’Reilly Tomorrow