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1. This month the Website Strange Maps instantly charmed VSL subscribers. The site satisfies your inner explorer, with off-the-beaten-track maps like Lewis Carroll’s 19th-century Ocean Chart (completely blank) or an ancient Turkish map of the world. Click here to read the original VSL e-mail.

2. Appropriately enough for the summer swelter, the most popular VSL book pick for July was Nine Ways to Cross a River: Midstream Reflections on Swimming and Getting There from Here. Journalist Akiko Busch writes of her transformative quest to swim nine rivers with grace and wisdom. Read the original VSL e-mail here.

3. The favorite VSL CD pick this month was Kurr by Amiina. The quartet — previously known for adding the quirky strings on fellow Icelandic band Sigur Rós’s last few albums — creates a melodic, mostly instrumental sound that is something new, beautiful, and soothing. Click here to read more.

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