A grown-up romantic comedy

Everyone knows Paris is the city for falling in love. But in the new movie 2 Days in Paris (in theaters 8/10), the city of romance is where one couple is falling apart. Julie Delpy — who wrote, directed, edited, and even composed the music for the film — plays Marion, a Parisian living in New York City with her neurotic, germ-phobic American boyfriend, Jack (Adam Goldberg). When the two stop in Paris on their way home from vacation, Jack learns more (and likes less) about Marion’s somewhat checkered romantic past as they bump into her flirtatious ex-lovers at every picturesque turn.

The movie goes well beyond the easy send-up of culture clashes you might expect (the funny French parents! the language misunderstandings!) and plows bravely into the dark and sometimes queasy territory of adult relationships. Delpy’s witty take on the somewhat rocky road of grown-up love will ring (painfully) true.

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A grown-up romantic comedy