A lot of debates

District 12 Republicans want 12 debates against their Democratic opponents, but they’re not likely to get all of them.

Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck and her running mates Declan O’Scanlon and Caroline Casagrande sent a letter last week to their Democratic opponents challenging them to debates in 12 different parts of the district. After not receiving a response from their opponents’ campaign, they followed up with another press release today.

“So far we are being ignored in our requests for debates. We hope that their silence will not be a trend throughout until Election Day,” said O’Scanlon, who’s running for Assembly.

Beck is running for state Senate against incumbent Ellen Karcher. Casagrande and O’Scanlon are running against incumbent Assemblyman Mike Panter and Amy Mallet.

The Democrats’ campaigns would not commit to attending all 12 debates on the Republicans’ terms.

Tali Israel, a spokeswoman for Panter and Mallet, said that the Democrats would agree to participate in any debates organized by non-partisan organizations.

Karcher campaign manager Mike Premo would not agree to sign his candidate up for all 12 of the debates, but said he already has three scheduled through non-partisan groups and that Karcher would be happy to participate in more. Premo scoffed at the implication that Karcher did not respond to the letter because she was afraid to debate.

“It’s been a whole week and they haven’t had a response from us. Well, we’ve already committed to these three. I thought that kind of spoke for itself,” said Premo. “If they want to send out press releases, that’s fine. It doesn’t mean we’re going to stop and respond to every one.”

A lot of debates