A music video that jocks, nerds, and rockers can love

Now that amazing CG special effects have become ubiquitous, it’s impressive to see a band pull off elaborate stunts that are completely effects-free. Take for example the video for the catchy song “Grip” by the Dutch band zZz. Commissioned for an art happening in Amsterdam, director Roel Wouters’s clip consists entirely of a single overhead shot of a trampoline from which gymnasts in
brightly colored smocks soar into the air toward the camera
— each holding a sign for a particular editing effect (particle burst, blur & pulse) that isn’t being used. Thus, in place of an actual digital explosion, you have a wildly leaping gymnast who represents one. It might sound a bit meta, but it looks breathtaking.

The event had strict directives that allowed the team only one chance to get the video right — and it had to go on display without editing — but the gymnasts, performers, and band members pulled off the thrilling, involved routine flawlessly.

Now by popular demand, Venn diagrams and charts with links! Click above for more info.

WATCH zZz’s “Grip”

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A music video that jocks, nerds, and rockers can love