A Rare Hillary Clinton-Howard Dean Analogy

In a panel on Iraq and the 2008 campaign here at the YearlyKos convention, Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg argued that Democrats in the House and Senate are in good shape for winning reelection as long as the War in Iraq continues and stays the most prominent issue.

But he also said that Democrats would be in much better shape now if the DNC had dedicated more resources and borrowed more money for the last midterm elections.

“we have a very small majority,” said Greenberg. “Another ten seats would have made big difference.”

When an audience member asked the panel about the electability of Hillary Clinton, Greenberg seemed to suggest that the doubts over her viability could be a real problem.

To make the point that voters would abandon a candidate they liked if they thought the candidate couldn’t actually win, he said, “I think Dean voters made the decision that Dean was unelectable.”

A Rare Hillary Clinton-Howard Dean Analogy