Adam Bushman

Background: Brooklyn-born Adam Bushman, 44, moved to the district in 1978. A software engineer in Piscataway, the Republican resides with his family in Jamesburg, where he’s lived for 17 years. The candidate studied political science as an undergraduate at Rutgers and received his Master’s in government administration from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a government ethics student of Doug Forrester’s. He’s now getting his PhD online.

Experience in elected office: Bushman was elected to the Jamesburg Council in 1993. He won re-election in 1996, then lost in 1999. Now the Jamesburg Council is 100% in Democratic Party control.

Military service: As a member of the New Jersey Air National Guard, Bushman was in Oman in 2001, briefing pilots for missions as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. He was deployed overseas during 9-11, and came back in time to see smoke billowing up over Ground Zero.

Taking Trenton to task: "I believe we should have term limits. It’s human nature that over time you make relationships with certain people and that leads to corruption. You need a constant flow of new blood into elected offices. …You don’t ever increase the wealth of people or corporations by taxing them. We should do as much as possible to give tax incentives to businesses that promote jobs and keep jobs in the State of New Jersey."

On participating in Clean Elections: "I always went door-to-door. It’s doable by politicians. Politicians have to get out there instead of meeting only with the machine and special interest groups."

On the notion that politics wouldn’t be fun anymore if New Jersey were completely cleaned up: "Politics would be more fun. You’d get more people involved."

Position on asset monetization: "I think it’s smoke and mirrors, and entails borrowing more and more money against assets we already own. I fear it gives private enterprise free rein. (Assemblywoman) Linda (Greenstein) voted in favor of the state budget, arguing that the state would only "study" the issue of asset monetization. But in fact, the language stated, ‘prepare for asset monetization,’ which basically gives them a blank check."

Position on death penalty: Pro. Adam Bushman