Also in the Observer, August 15

Jason Horowitz reports on the think-tank-driven debate over Democratic foreign policy spearheaded by a new species of “liberal realist.”

“These self-styled realists feel chastened by the raft of problems inherited from the Iraq war and want to ratchet back direct American engagement, concentrate more on rebuilding America’s reputation and, not unlike the paleoconservatives who guided foreign policy under George H.W. Bush, let national interests be the nation’s guide.”

Chelsea Clinton’s ex-boyfriend has a book coming out.

Matt Schuerman chats with Eliot Spitzer’ downstate economic czar, Pat Foye.

Joe Conason thinks Karl Rove’s legacy is a monstrosity.

Steve Kornacki explains why a strong Mike Huckabee is good news for Rudy Giuliani.

Jennifer Rubin has some ideas about what George W. Bush would have to do to make himself less toxic for the Republicans in 2008.

John Koblin collects some unfamiliar Phil Rizzuto stories.

And Lizzy Ratner’s profile of “The Great and Powerful Dr. Oz” has, unfortunately, nothing to do with me. Also in the Observer, August 15