Also in the Observer, August 8

Joe Biden’s campaign wants John Edwards to stop acting like Howard Dean, reports Jason Horowitz. A Biden spokesman told Horowitz that Edwards is “pandering in the primary” on Iraq, health care and other issues. The charge is “an insult to Governor Dean, millions of online activists, and all Democrats,” an Edwards spokeswoman responded.

Horowitz also follows Hillary Clinton into hostile territory at the YearlyKos convention.

Spencer Morgan tracks the Clintons' fund-raising in the Hamptons.

“You probably know by now that she’s not here,” Bill Clinton at a private fund-raiser. “I want to explain what happened. I got a call tonight a couple of hours ago. She was in the plane. She said, ‘I’m in the plane.’ She said, ‘I’m all dressed up and I look really nice.’”

Oprah Winfrey is a unique asset for Barack Obama, explain Felix Gillette and Leon Neyfakh.

The New York Times hired the guys who wrote, and now blog, about Freakenomics. “As much as I love The Times, I didn’t want to be part of TimesSelect,” blogger Stephen Dubner said. “That would have been the only deal-breaker.”

Steve Kornacki says Ron Paul isn’t going away, and notes that “the universe of Republican voters in Iowa and New Hampshire is small and reachable for a candidate like Dr. Paul.”

Joe Conosan, writing about Republican presidential candidates and health care, writes, “Perhaps Mr. Romney needs medical attention himself, since he already seems to be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This isn’t the first time his capacity to recall facts about his own career has dimmed out.”

And Kornacki thinks Obama did well at last night's debate. Also in the Observer, August 8