Also in the Observer on August 1

Jason Horowitz talks with Mark Penn about Barack Obama, John Edwards and the time he got to cover a co-ed shirts-and-skins game for the Harvard Crimson.

Also: “In an hour-and-a-half conversation, the closest he came to saying anything vaguely reflective or critical about the way Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has gone so far was when he addressed its handling of a spat early this year with Mr. Obama."

Penn says, "I don’t think that played out very well."

Michael Calderone and Feliz Gillette cover the Murdoch triumph and the Ottoway explosion.

Michael Bloomberg may have poached some of his best ideas for running New York from Chicago, writes Matt Schuerman.

Joe Conason thinks Alberto Gonzales needs to be impeached by Congress.

Steve Kornacki says that there's nothing much to Newt Gingrich's threats to run for president and, separately, that Democrats shouldn’t cheer just yet at news that FBI and IRS raided the home of a Republican Senator.

Chris Lehmann thinks a new biography about Dick Cheney is a “monochromatic hagiography” that “is noteworthy mostly for what it omits.”

Howard Megdal talks to stolen-base king Rickey Henderson about being a teacher for the Mets.

And a reader defends Sheldon Silver. Also in the Observer on  August 1