Average Salary: $115,000 (One of Many Fun Downtown Facts!)

This stat might surprise you:

The average salary in lower Manhattan now is more than $115,000, and about $550 million is spent there annually by employees of businesses below Chambers Street.

These numbers come from business-booster group Alliance for Downtown New York’s recently released Lower Manhattan Retail Market Overview. The report looks at trends in the business, residential and visitor markets.

Other stats of note:

  • Six out of 10 – Number of employees in lower Manhattan who eat out at least three times a week. (Seems low.)
  • 356,580 – Number of employees expected in lower Manhattan after WTC Towers, Goldman Sachs headquarters and Morgan Chase office tower are complete.
  • $2.6 billion – Total disposable income for residents of Lower Manhattan.

Ah, isn't it great to see "disposable" and "$2.6 billion" on the same line? Makes us feel good.

Average Salary: $115,000 (One of Many Fun Downtown Facts!)