Bader challenges GOP on Burlco Bridge Commission “bank”

Tom Bader, the Democratic candidate for Burlington County Freeholder, in a press release today challenged his opponent, Joe Donnelly of

Tom Bader, the Democratic candidate for Burlington County Freeholder, in a press release today challenged his opponent, Joe Donnelly of Cinnaminson, as well as the GOP-controlled Freeholder Board to guarantee that the recently initiated Burlington County Bridge Commission "Bank" will not be a political slush fund for Republican Boss Glenn Paulsen and his cronies.

Bader cited examples of Boss Paulsen's largesse at taxpayer expense outlined on as the reason for his concerns that the Bridge Commission ought to be focused more on bridge safety than serving as a "favors mill."

"It's time for government to live within its means, not spend more money or put pet projects of politicians on the taxpayers’ credit card that our children and grandchildren will be paying for down the line. It's time for my opponent and the GOP-majority on the Freeholder Board to make it crystal clear that they aren’t creating this entity to offer opportunities to potential fundraisers and Boss Paulsen’s law firm, Capehart & Scatchard, as has been their standard practice," said Bader of Moorestown. "This shouldn't be the Burlington County Favors Bank of Glenn Paulsen. Checks and balances need to be in place to guarantee competitive bidding on all projects funded at taxpayer/tollpayer expense and nothing short of 100% transparency."

Bader singled out Paulsen because of his extensive bond and legal work at the Burlington County Bridge Commission and other public agencies like the Lenape Regional School District — specifically the controversial effort to build Seneca High School in Tabernacle, which benefitted an elite few politically-connected vendors at taxpayer expense.

"Where there has been scandal in Burlington County, Boss Paulsen has been lurking in the shadows – whether it was handing State Sen. Martha Bark two no-show county jobs at $330,000 or doling out $2.7 million (upwards of $50,000 a month installments) for sweetheart no-bid lobbying contracts at the obscure Bridge Commission to State GOP Chairman Tom Wilson's firm, or all the bond work Paulsen received that made his law firm one of the top municipal bond practices in the country," continued Bader, an Ob/Gyn specialist at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. "Boss Paulsen's greed is at the epicenter of my campaign for change in Burlington County – a county where taxes and spending have skyrocketed out-of-control due to GOP insider deals and corruption. Now is the right time for the freeholder board to state publicly that Boss Paulsen will not be pulling their strings anymore. that they will no longer be dictated to by Boss Paulsen on selecting public vendors for lucrative contracts, or whose projects need to selected for loans — and most importantly, that Paulsen's law firm won't be doing the bond work on these deals."

  Bader challenges GOP on Burlco Bridge Commission “bank”