BCDO Polls on Coniglio, Christie, State Senate Hopefuls

The BCDO poll that will gauge the impact of a federal corruption probe of state Senator Joseph Coniglio will, according to sources, also evaluate several District 38 state Senate hopefuls, US Attorney Christopher Christie, and a statement that implies "a hand picked ally of President Bush is using a federal investigation as a political tool against Joe Coniglio".

While several questions, as expected, will surround the Senator’s alleged misdoing as a consultant to the Hackensack University Medical Center, the poll widens to assess voter impressions of Assemblyman Robert Gordon, Assemblywoman Joan Voss, Paramus Mayor James Tedesco, and Bergen County Freeholder Connie Wagner – all likely replacements should an indictment, or Joe Ferriero force Congilio off the ballot.

The poll questions voters on how effective they believe Gordon and Voss are as legislators before asking, "By Gordon and Voss remaining silent on the issue, do you feel this means they support their running mate and his actions?" A follow-up question poses, "Are you aware that all three legislators in District 38 were served with subpoenas?" continuing with "How does this change your opinion of them, if at all?"

No stranger to his own legal woes, Elmwood Park Councilman Robert Colletti, the likely Republican challenger for the District 38 Senate seat is also a subject of the poll. Against a backdrop of allegations that Colletti voted for zoning changes then had his company develop the land, a question asks, "Given the information presented, would you be more likely to vote for Coniglio, knowing of his federal investigation, or would you rather vote for Colletti, knowing that he used his influence to benefit from zoning changes?" BCDO Polls on Coniglio, Christie, State Senate Hopefuls