Behind an Anti-Spitzer Site, an Ally of Roger Stone

Here’s a link to a new-ish anti-Eliot Spitzer web site called, which is supposed to be a one-stop shop for information (19 pages’ worth) about how the governor financed his 1994 and 1998 campaigns for attorney general.

After calling a number at the bottom of the page, I got to Michael Caputo, a former campaign aide to George H.W. Bush and public relations buddy of Republican operative Roger Stone.

“It’s fairly clear that there is much more afoot in the governor’s mansion,” Caputo told me. “He’s shown his true colors to the electorate since Election Day and especially in the last few weeks.”

In addition to the web site, Caputo has been emailing a compendium of Spitzer-in-trouble stories to reporters and activists under the neutral-sounding title “”

I asked Caputo — who said he isn’t getting paid for his work on this project and that he’s acting purely out of the conviction the press is letting Spitzer get away with something — whether it wouldn’t have been better to be raising issues about Spitzer’s past before he was actually elected governor.

“Every day is election day when you’re in office,” Caputo said.

As for the notion that he’s doing the dirty of Stone, who is currently working as a paid advisor to the state Senate Republicans, Caputo said, “I don’t work for free. Ever. I never have. If I’m doing Roger’s dirty work, a check is well overdue.”

Behind an Anti-Spitzer Site, an Ally of Roger Stone