Big Office Broker Stephen Siegel Talks Rents, Rivalry, Rudy

Is the CBRE-Cushman & Wakefield rivalry real?

I think it’s over. I mean, I think we’re clearly No. 1.

Is CBRE the most powerful brokerage ever?

In my opinion, it is. Its reach, its platform, the services it can provide, the number of talented people here, the fact that we have a significant presence not just in midtown but a real office downtown, a commitment to downtown—yeah, I would say so.

Switching gears: You obviously are an influential real estate executive. How closely are the execs following next year’s presidential election?

Very closely. And I would tell you, too, if I had made a choice—I have not. I’m sort of sitting on the sidelines, and have refused a few opportunities to be involved with a couple of campaigns specifically because I really want to wait a little while.

Who are you looking at?

Well, everyone looks at who really has a chance. I think obviously you have to look at Giuliani, you have to look at Hillary.

Are you a Republican or a Democrat?

I’m an independent. I have voted Republican, and I have voted Democrat.

Would it be a good thing if Bloomberg runs?

I think Michael Bloomberg would probably be fantastic, but I don’t think he would have a chance to win.

So you will contribute to someone?


Big Office Broker Stephen Siegel Talks Rents, Rivalry, Rudy