Bloomberg on Google, Spitzer on Hearings

While the Republican state Senate majority was holding a hearing about the Spitzer administration's ethics issues, Eliot Spitzer was in Chelsea with Michael Bloomberg and others talking about expanding health care coverage.

During a Q&A, I tried to ask the mayor why ads for his quasi-campaign web site now appear on Google alongside searches for certain phrases like “education,” “climate change” and “nonpartisan.”

His somewhat unsatisfying response: “I have absolutely no idea. You’ll have to ask Google. They’re the ones that run the software.".

“Probably so they can increase the ad rates they charge the mayor,” Spitzer added.

Bloomberg then deflected a question about whether he would support Lenroa Fulani’s run for mayor, since she supported him twice.

Spitzer was also asked about the Albany hearings into whether his aides acted improperly in trying to discredit Joe Bruno.

"Guys, look, I have said all I’m going to say. I’m not going to pass judgment of what others do. I’ve answered questions. Been absolutely open. Traveled the state to answer all those questions. Now we’re on back to the business of the people. What others do is up to them," he said. Bloomberg on Google, Spitzer on Hearings