Bloomberg Pays Google to be ‘Nonpartisan’

The other day I noted that you can see ads for Michael Bloomberg’s campaign-style web site on Gmail and Google.

Liz subqequently found that Google searches for the words “education,” “poverty” and “climate change,” also turn up ads for

Intriguingly, if we’re trying to figure out what bearing this could possibly have on whatever 2008 intentions the mayor is still toying around with, it turns out that you also see an ad for his site if you search for the term “nonpartisan” (or “non-partisan”).

Bloomberg’s people, according to my amateur research, haven’t graduated yet to more nakedly campaign-y terms like “third-party,” “moderate,” “electable” or “reform.”

If you find any more that prompt the ad, please let us know.

Bloomberg Pays Google to be ‘Nonpartisan’