Bloomberg’s Glavine Ceremony Irks a Commuter

Gaudy approval ratings notwithstanding, the theme of Michael Bloomberg’s insensitivity to the problems of ordinary New Yorkers seems to surge and recede with each crisis.

A caller to the mayor’s weekly radio show just now asked about the mayor’s decision to award Mets pitcher Tom Glavine a key to the city the same day the subways were shut down, leaving commuters stranded throughout the city.

The caller suggested that Bloomberg would have done better to give Glavine, who won his 300th game recently, the honor some other time, when the city isn’t in a state of semi-chaos. “Who would want the key to the city that day?" she asked.

Bloomberg’s response: “Maybe you’re a Yankee fan.”

UPDATE: An interested party suggests I should have been clearer here. This was not Bloomberg’s entire response. He also dispute the caller’s suggestion that he hadn’t paid enough attention to the transit problems and noted that he had been out in an affected part of Brooklyn earlier that day.

Bloomberg’s Glavine Ceremony Irks a Commuter