Boys and Girls at the Red Star Lounge

After hours of baking in the sun by the tennis court, some fans—-mostly women, according to an informal survey, and mostly single–have been making their way to the Heineken Red Star Lounge, just a few feet from Arthur Ashe Stadium.

A couple of nights ago at around 7:00, several of them congregated by the bar, sipping blended drinks and appearing to keep a close eye on the Red Star bartenders.

Pete Niva, the short bartender on the right, said he’d gotten two numbers so far that day. Niva, who’s from Arizona, lives in Tribeca and works at Libation on Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side, said of the scene: “There’s definitely a lot of mingling, but I don’t know if anyone’s hooking up.”

His colleague Steve Maly, the taller guy on the left, was less forthcoming about how many numbers he’d scored. “I don’t know, let me check my pockets,” he said, laughing.

Shortly afterwards, one of the customers weighed in.

“They’re both cute, but if I had to choose I think [Maly] is cuter,” said Rory Paolantonio, pictured above on the right in the blue dress. “He’s just got that Abercrombie, Banana Republic, All-American look.”

Paolantonio said that her friends agreed. Boys and Girls at the Red Star Lounge