Cease and desist

A Trenton resident who questioned a city official about the status of a redevelopment project is being threatened with a lawsuit.

Zachary Chester, a community activist and former president of the Trenton NAACP, has been showing up to city council meetings since May to question Dennis Gonzales, the city’s assistant business administrator, over what he thinks is the lack of progress on the Trenton Town Center project.

On Wednesday, Chester received a letter from Gonzalez ordering him to “cease and desist.” The letter also threatened to sue Chester if he did not show up to a council meeting to apologize to Gonzalez and take out a half page mea-culpa in both the Trenton Times and The Trentonian.

Chester said he did not know what exactly he said that made Gonzalez so upset, and refused to apologize.

“If you want to sue me, then sue me,” said Chester.

When reached for comment, Gonzalez forwarded the cease and desist letter to PoliticsNJ.com and said it “speaks for itself.”

The letter did not quote Chester, but cited “defamatory oral and written statements which express or imply that I have personally and/or in my various capacities as an appointed official of the City of Trenton engaged in unethical and/or criminal conduct.”

Cease and desist