Chaos in Brooklyn?

I figured I'd put this out there: Glynnis MacNicol, who is part of the Huffington Post's "Off-the-Bus" citizen journalism project, tried to attend last night's small-dollar (25 bucks) Brooklyn fundraiser for Barack Obama. Tried is the oeprative word because Glynnis couldn't get in — and neither could a lot of people, since the Obama campaign radically underestimated the crowd size.

MacNicol reported that the campaign was gracious to those who were shut out of the ballroom, offering refunds or tickets to future events. But she questioned whether the chaos she witnessed in Brooklyn speaks to broader organizational problems for the Obama campaign, which has generated unrivaled grass-roots interest. And this wasn't the first time she's been disappointed at an Obama event. Last month, she says, he wildly misread (and let down) his audience at a similar event.

"There's no question that many, many people want very badly for him to be the person they hope he is — dangerous position to be in perhaps," MacNicol wrote.

I'm not sure if the apparent confusion last night means much, although it is interesting that on his "Daily Show" appearance Obama bragged about attracting crowds of 20,000 all across the country. Could his campaign really have been surprised by the Brooklyn turnout? Anyway, here's an open call for thoughts from anyone who might have been in Brooklyn for the Obama event last night: Were you turned away too? Was the campaign gracious to you? Do you think it means anything? Or did you get in — and if so, did Obama read the audience the right way this time?

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Chaos in Brooklyn?