Check out a young, baby-faced Karl Rove

Shortly after Karl Rove became political director for President Bush, he got tagged as “Bush’s Brain” — the mastermind behind Bush’s political strategy. Since the Brain’s reign ends August 31, we thought it the perfect time to give you a rare, archival look at this Washington wonk’s early work.

A fascinating clip — an excerpt from the January 18, 1972, CBS Evening News — features a young Dan Rather on the Nixon re-election campaign trail. Rather’s reporting on the inner workings of the political machine is prescient: Computers and direct-mail financing, we’re told, are the wave of the future in politics. The report then moves to the College Republican leader in charge of “embarrassing pundits who say Nixon doesn’t appeal to youth.” Who would that be? A 21-year-old, lavishly sideburned Karl Rove, who gave the same “good quote” then as he does now.

In case you forgot, Nixon won 520 electoral votes, one of the biggest landslides in history.

Now by popular demand, Venn diagrams and charts with links! Click above for more info.

WATCH Karl Rove interviewed by Dan Rather in 1972

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