Coetzee Gets Trimmed by Farel, Says Nadal Takes Hair “Seriously”

At around 2:30 p.m., South African doubles player Jeff Coetzee dropped by the Julien Farel salon for a quick trim. (This year, for the first time, Farel has set up shop on the third floor of the Arthur Ashe Stadium, down the hall from the players lounge.)

“I just felt cleaning things up,” said Mr. Coetzee, as stylist Stephanie Mille worked her clippers around his sides and neck area. “Some players are very superstitious about their hair. But I’m not.”

I asked him who the most hair-conscious pro at the Open was.

“You can tell,” he said. When pressed, he allowed, “Nadal probably takes his hair pretty seriously.”

So far this week, Ms. Mille said that all the “big ones” had visited the salon. “They all have such nice hair,” she said, noting that her shears had groomed the likes of Roger Federer, John and Jordan Isner and Guillermo Canas in recent days.

Farel is offering complimentary haircuts and manicures to all the players.

“So far it’s been mostly men,” said manager Bridgette Vigo.

Ms. Mille said that her tennis clients had been talkative and “very friendly,” but that none of them, so far, had engaged in any juicy gossip about competitors.

“It’s all very of the moment,” she said. Coetzee Gets Trimmed by Farel, Says Nadal Takes Hair “Seriously”