Colletti happy that Congilio appears to be running

District 38 state Senate candidate Robert Colletti today said he was glad that it looks like embattled incumbent Sen. Joe Coniglio plans to stay in the race.

“I’m happy that the Democrats have finally cleared the air and have decided on their candidate,” said Colletti in a press release.

Coniglio is under federal investigation relating to his work as a plumbing consultant for Hackensack University Medical Center, but told last night that he has every intention of fighting for re-election despite concern within his own party. But Colletti said that his campaign will not be waged primarily on corruption issues, and went on to ask why Coniglio had not responded to his invitation to debate despite faxing it to him numerous times.

Last night, Coniglio told that he had not received any invitations from Colletti and said he would be open to a debate.

The real indictment of Sen. Coniglio is that he has supported every spending increase initiative that has been put before him in Trenton,” said Colletti.

Coniglio could not immediately be reached for comment. Colletti happy that Congilio appears to be running