Cuomo Leak Charge

Now this is kind of fascinating.

Alan Hevesi's lawyer is seeking to explain those stories in the Post about millions of dollars Hevesi may have directed towards financial companies connected to his adviser, Hank Morris, with the following statement:

“Evasive responses from the Attorney General’s press spokesman with respect to these leaks will no longer suffice. Furthermore, the repeated leaking to the press of unproven allegations and details of the inquiry violates the New York State Lawyer’s Code of Professional Responsibility.”

I've tried to get an answer out of said press spokesman in Andrew Cuomo's office about the leak allegations, so far, without any luck.

Interesting that out of the two figures seemingly afflicted by prosecutorial leaks in Albany, Eliot Spitzer and Hevesi, only Hevesi is making an issue of it. (Spitzer, the erstwhile investigator, has stopped answering questions about the investigation.)

UPDATE: Jeffrey Lerner, Cuomo's Director of Communications, said, "We have no comment on this ongoing investigation or an obvious defense lawyer ploy to portray his client as a victim." Cuomo Leak Charge