Dennison attacks Allen on taxes

Richard Dennison wants district seven voters to know that he has other campaign issues besides tying state Senator Diane Allen to President Bush.

Dennison, the Democratic candidate for the state Senate, says Allen is a fair-weather friend to taxpayers. Dennison took issue with several of the recent Allen press releases that have centered on themes of fiscal responsibility.

"Senator Allen has a history of selective amnesia. Not only has she selectively forgotten about jetting down to Texas in 1999 to beg George W. Bush to run for President but she has also selectively forgotten that she was part of the Republican majority in the New Jersey Legislature that voted to increase state spending by 43%," said Dennison.”

But Allen’s campaign shot back with her tax cutting credentials, arguing that Allen has voted 40 times to cut taxes and wrote a bill to cap state spending and put any savings towards property tax rlief.

"Nobody has done more to cut wasteful spending and lower taxes than Diane Allen,” said Allen campaign spokesman Adam Bauer. “That's called standing up for the taxpayers, and to imply that Senator Allen has done anything but fight to lower the burden on New Jersey taxpayers is patently absurd."

Dennison attacks Allen on taxes