Distrubutor of n+1, Boston Review Shutters

Publishers and editors across the city were informed yesterday that Bernhard DeBoer, Inc., an independent magazine distribution company that specialized in small literary and academic journals, have closed their doors after 60 years of business.

Before they closed, Deboer handled distribution for clients like Cabinet Magazine, n+1, and Boston Review.

The company had been struggling for many years, according to several magazine editors, as corporate distributors and superstores like Barnes & Noble crowded them further and further out of competition.

In a brief e-mail to clients marked “URGENT”, owner Faye Kosmidis cited “the changing economic climate in our industry.”

The e-mail did not say whether clients should expect to receive any money that Deboer owes them.

According to Peter Riley, the magazine buyer at St. Marks Books, many of Deboer’s clients also worked with other distributors, including the enormous Ingram Periodicals, Inc.

Until yesterday, Deboer was one of just two independent distributors operating on the East Coast. The other is Ubiquity, which according to owner Joe Massey works with about 2,300 titles and 300 stores nationwide out of a warehouse in Brooklyn.

“I know they struggled for many years,” Mr. Massey said. “I know the owner very well. She worked very hard and she was very committed to it. I’m sure it was an emotionally trying decision for her to go out of business because she invested so much of her life in it.”

Ms. Kosmidis could not be reached for comment Tuesday. Distrubutor of n+1, Boston Review Shutters