Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Cuomo, Padillo

Michael Bloomberg turned down an invitation to speak a group New Hampshire group that has hosted a number of presidential candidates [fourth item].

Andrew Cuomo wants the new rules about using state aircraft to go even further.

David Dinkins got booed in Harlem for supporting Columbia University’s expansion.

The city is getting infrastructure inspectors.

And more anti-terrorism funding.

Candidates are learning to deal with trackers.

Harry Siegel thinks the city and state economies are heading off a cliff.

A New Jersey congressman endorsed Hillary, and will co-chair the Italian-Americans for Hillary.

John Edwards gets a tough health care question.

In the comments section, LocalYokel says people may have attended Ryan Karben’s barbeque because he still has plenty of money to donate.

Orrin Kerr presents his take on the Padillo verdict.

And pictured above is David Paterson at an assisted living community center in Rockland County yesterday. Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Cuomo, Padillo