Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Savino, Tobman

Albany County District Attorney David Soares will investigate the governor's office [added]. 

Eliot Spitzer explained to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle why he suspended one aide and relocated another.

State Senator Diane Savino and City Councilman Mike McMahon – both Democrats from Staten Island – mix it up over Spitzer.

Democrats in New Jersey are accusing Republicans in one county of taking $526,298 in contributions from vendors doing about $26 million of work with the county government.

Michael Tobman has a new job.

So does Ian Bishop.

Carolyn Maloney is a force in East Side politics.

Barack Obama’s foreign policy speech makes him a “dove in Iraq and a hawk in Afghanistan,” says Ben.

Obama supporters in Onondoga are organizing.

Chuck Schumer owns the media, and not in a good way, complains L. Brent Bozell.

Bob Novak fantasizes about Ron Paul.

He’s not alone.

In the comments section, Jonathan Judge says the mayor's unusual commute proves congestion pricing isn't an environmental issue for him.

And pictured above is Michael Bloomberg.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Savino, Tobman