Elsewhere: Clinton, Romney, Mrs. Paybarah

Greg Sargent doesn’t think Michelle Obama was talking about Hillary Clinton.

Bill Clinton’s press man, Jay Carson, is joining Hillary’s campaign.

Mitt Romney has a new ad slamming Newark, San Francisco, New York City and other places as sanctuaries for illegal immigration.

In the comments section, John Q thinks my comparison of the congestion pricing panel to the one that selected comptroller candidates is unfair.

Liz has the roundup of the congestion pricing panel members.

The Albany Project has a campaign video from congressional candidate Jon Powers.

New Data about violent schools is online.

Community Board 9 voted against Columbia University’s expansion.

PoliticsNJ gets into the business of media criticism.

Sharpe James can’t afford an expensive lawyer.

Rock Hackshaw doesn’t like residency requirements.

And above is a clip of my mom who, like Michael Bloomberg’s mom, is impressed with the idea of him running for president. Elsewhere: Clinton, Romney, Mrs. Paybarah