Elsewhere: Clinton, Schumer, Observer 8 New York 6

Mickey Carroll defends his poll on congestion pricing.

Nancy Scola thinks cab drivers may not want to strike if they’re given a cut of the advertising revenue generated from the GPS devices the city wants to install in their cars.

In the comments section, A. Nnonymous thinks we’ll see a lot more consultants entering the market as 2009 approaches.

Here’s one way people are trying to control the presidential primary calendar.

This blogger in Illinois thinks Rudy Giuliani doesn’t have a good chance of winning the Republican primary, but that he’s still a better shot than Mitt Romney and John McCain.

Senator John Warner’s retirement creates an opportunity for Democrats to pick up another seat.

Hillary Clinton had some nice words for Warner.

Kos thinks American conservatives and Islamic Fundamentalists “see eye-to-eye on just about everything.”

Chuck Schumer and his sign-holders visited the state fair.

And pictured above is Jake Brooks, captain of the undefeated New York Observer softball team, which finished its four-game “season” yesterday by beating New York magazine 8-6. Elsewhere: Clinton, Schumer, Observer 8 New York 6