Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, Levy

Hillary is up with an ad in Iowa.

Dick Parsons has left the board of the World Trade Center Memorial Fund.

Eliot Spitzer rolled out his economic plan today.

Andrew Cuomo gets fan mail.

Democratic congressional candidate Steve Harrison has a fan in Mole333.

Tom Duane has a new podcast.

Another sign of the city’s aging infrastructure: a sidewalk in Manhattan collapsed.

Newsday’s Larry Levy is heading to Hofstra.

Robert George thinks Mike Huckabee could make a good G.O.P. vice presidential candidate.

Michael Calderone explains how Paul Gigot scooped his own newspaper.

Jonathan Tasini thinks we spend too much money on guns.

Blogger Pat Barientos thinks Mike Bloomberg, not Rudy Giuliani “the real hero” of September 11th.

Video of Harold Ford and Markos Moulitsas debating is over here.

And pictured above is a car I saw recently in Ohio.

Elsewhere: Clinton, Spitzer, Levy