Elsewhere: Fulani, Velazquez, Scotto

If Lenora Fulani runs for mayor as an Independence Party candidate, she may have a primary.

Michael Scotto tries commuting like Michael Bloomoberg.

Ben hears that Barack Obama’s ads may be working.

Steve Kornacki explains how the field of Republican presidential candidates may finally start to narrow.

Nydia Velazquez’s office in Williamsburg was burglarized, along with a few others in the same building.

But on the Hill, she “tore into a panel of Bush administration officials with the ferocity of a Lower 9th Ward resident.”

In the comments section, wtf? Thinks it’s fair for Darren Dopp to have hired a top criminal defense attorney since Republicans in the state Senate have Roger Stone.

In New Jersey, Democrats are replacing an Assembly candidate with a labor leader.

Tom Tancredo explains that he didn’t really mean what he said about bombing Muslim holy sites to deter terrorism.

And pictured above is Eliot Spitzer and company during happier times in Albany. Elsewhere: Fulani, Velazquez, Scotto