Elsewhere: Spitzer, Bloomberg, Smiley

Here’s the first line of Eliot Spitzer’s latest offering on the Huffington Post: “Sometimes in politics, you think you've seen it all. Turns out I was wrong.”

The dean of the Massachusetts School of Law is a Michael Bloomberg fan.

The controversy around the new election commissioner continues.

Joe Bruno is upset that his former aide is helping Eliot Spitzer.

In the comments section, George Smiley says Michael Goodwin is dead wrong about Spitzer.

State Senator Diane Savino is helping the Democratic District Attorney candidate of Staten Island get some public exposure.

Cory Booker isn’t ready to support Senator Frank Lautenberg for re-election.

John McCain is losing support in his home state.

Ben finds evidence on Friendster that there’s something fishy behind the contributions Hillary Clinton received from the family living in a small bungalow.

Michael Bloomberg wants ego-less presidential candidates.

Chris Dodd got a bigger endorsement today than Hillary Clinton, says Kos.

And above is a clip of Rudy Giuliani shopping at Wal-Mart, courtesy of Newsday’s blog. Elsewhere: Spitzer, Bloomberg, Smiley