Elsewhere: Spitzer, Bruno, Diaz

Rudy Giuliani’s health may be affected by the time he spent at Ground Zero.

Jose Rivera is just about ready to endorse Hillary Clinton.

John Edwards is moving staff out of Nevada.

The NYPD explains how Westerners can be transformed into radical terrorists.

Ben explains a theory that Andrew Cuomo is leaking about Spitzer.

Joe Bruno says Spitzer should just leave politics, and fire everyone, and make them testify. Under oath.

Spitzer’s closest aide, Rich Baum, hired a lawyer.

Cuomo reached a $4.5 million settlement with a credit card company.

David Soares makes the same popularity list as Barack Obama.

Dan Rivoli explains what happened to the people who left Team Bloomberg.

John DeSio breaks the news that yes, finally, Ruben Diaz is running for Bronx Borough President.

There may be a rematch on Staten Island.

And above is some Giuliani literature an aide to a locally elected Democrat received at his office. Elsewhere: Spitzer, Bruno, Diaz