Elsewhere: Spitzer, Cuomo, Yoda

Arianna Huffington has ten suggestions for what Hillary Clinton should say on Letterman tonight.

Ben dismisses the Chinese conspiracy angle some Republicans are trying to inject into the Norman Hsu storyline.

Liza Sabater isn’t happy with Ben’s coverage of the Democratic presidential candidates.

The surge in Iraq may not be working too well.

In the comments section, Yoda says he doesn’t think there’s any similarity between Eliot Spitzer and Alberto Gonzales.

Andrew Cuomo speculated that the Albany district attorney will agree with his finding that there was no criminal wrongdoing committed by Eliot Spitzer’s aides.

After hearing that Eliot Spitzer may sue the Bush administration, liberal blogger Matt Stoller writes, “Now that's the Eliot Spitzer we all know and love.”

A real estate broker in Boston is not impressed with Bloomberg’s poverty plan.

Transportation Alternatives questions the results from today’s Quinnipiac poll on congestion pricing.

Assemblyman Bill Magnerilli picked up the endorsement of the United Auto Workers in his campaign for Onondaga County Executive.

The state GOP has a new web site, complete with a manifesto explaining “Why am I a Republican,” a media section full of Troopergate highlights and a section called “Dem Watch.”

Here is an audio and transcript of Senator Larry Craig's arrest [added].

And pictured above is the Albany County DA the last time he made a major announcement about an investigation into a statewide official. Elsewhere: Spitzer, Cuomo, Yoda