Elsewhere: Spitzer, Koch, Capeci

Ed Koch responds to a question about his sexuality by asking his interviewer about oral sex.

A major Martin Luther King birthday celebration may be moving from Albany to New York City.

Darren Dopp hired a criminal defense attorney.

Eliot Spitzer vetoed a bill that would have allowed state troopers to negotiate tickets because they “are also the accuser and a potential witness may lead to charges of impropriety, favoritism and corruption.”

Josh Marshall discovers Barack Obama has some high negative numbers.

A Rudy Giuliani fund-raiser becomes a policy advisor.

You can read Gail Collins’ thoughts on Judith Giuliani here.

Bill Thompson explains exactly where he wants to be in 2010.

Senatorial courtesy in New Jersey may be history.

New York Press is undergoing some growing pains.

Jerry Capeci, whose writing appears in the New York Sun, is trying not to testify in a murder trial.

And pictured above is Eliot Spitzer breaking ground at a housing development in Syracuse earlier this week. Elsewhere: Spitzer, Koch, Capeci