Elsewhere: Spitzer, Quinn, Kos

Christine Quinn and other elected officials sent a letter to the MTA demanding an explanation for the transit shutdown earlier today.

Rush hour may not be so much fun.

The Borough President of Staten Island suffered a heart attack [added].

Lenora Fulani will have a press conference about the mayor’s race, which she may jump into.

Liz notes that there is now a third bill aiming to reform the use of state aircraft by politicians.

Rick Karlin thinks I’m a bit off in saying Spitzer is turning to the Netroots to help fend off the MSM.

In the comments section, treddman says Spitzer "has to do something to garner positive press."

Barack Obama has a new ad that, not surprisingly, talks about hope.

Al Keyes may enter the Republican straw poll because apparently, there aren’t enough third-tier candidates.

Kos will debate Harold Ford on Meet the Press this weekend.

The ex-husband of a Fred Thompson fund-raiser is now working for John McCain.

And pictured above is Anthony Weiner discussing the pros and cons of having a Town Hall meeting by telephone, which he is planning to do tonight. Elsewhere: Spitzer, Quinn, Kos