Europeans at the Plaza Gates: More $10 M. Sales

Herbert Hoover, Richard Burton, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy are featured in the revamped Plaza’s lush marketing photo album. But the real buyers at The Plaza’s new incarnation (282 hotel rooms and 182 condos) are proving to be a tad more international.

According to city records, UNICEF ambassador Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff has bought a 14th-floor apartment for $9,586,957. Ms. Linsenhoff, a Düsseldorf-born equestrian, won an Olympic gold medal with the German dressage team.

And earlier this June she showed Prince William around her medieval stables in Europe. So she certainly deserves her new wireless touch-pad Plaza control panel, and the walnut-bordered herringbone parquet floors, and the bathroom tiles from the mosaic hotel lobby.

But Alfiya and Vladimir Stolyarenko paid a tad more–$10,184,363 (and 46 cents)–for a place one floor up. According to the Web page of Evrofinance Mosnarbank, where Mr. Stolyarenko is president and chairman, he was named Russia's “2006 Banker of the Year" (an honor bestowed by ex-prime minister Sergei Stepashin).

Neighbors, take note: Last month, Mr. Stolyarenko was named the 20th most politically influential businessman in Russia.

He’s on the same floor as Italian Giuseppe De’Longhi, whose eponymous firm makes high-end espresso machines and such. He reportedly has paid $11.2 million for a three-bedroom place. Now he'll have friends for midday coffee. Europeans at the Plaza Gates: More $10 M. Sales