Federer, Henin on Playing in the Spotlight

Men’s number one seed Roger Federer will play tonight and women’s number one Justine Henin will play a little after 12 p.m.

Which is fine by each of them.

Here’s how Federer on night matches: “I prefer them over the day sessions, to be honest… It’s more special–electrifying. The crowds come out in big numbers.”

And here’s Henin: “A few years ago I did hate to play night session. That was something I was really scared about playing in the night because of my contacts, because of the thing you are a little bit more tired, it’s later in the day, you have to wait the whole day. Then when I became number one for the first time the end of 2003, next few months after I had to play a lot in the night session, so I probably got used to it.” Federer, Henin on Playing in the Spotlight