Fulani 2009

Controversial Independence Party activist (and Bloomberg supporter) Lenora Fulani may be running for mayor in 2009.

When asked about the possibility, Sarah Lyons, an Independence Party functionary and Fulani supporter, said, “We’re not in a position to say anything about it, but I can tell you this, though: that she is planning on holding a press conference next week.”


“It’s about the 2009 citywide elections.”

A source I spoke with claimed to heard directly from Fulani that she would enter the 2009 mayoral race.

Fulani is best known as an outspoken member of the Independence Party who, like Michael Bloomberg, bemoans the two-party system that dominates city politics. She helped lead the Bloomberg on Row C campaign, which sought to get Democrats to vote for the newly registered Republican without pulling the Republican lever.

Bloomberg accepted the group’s support in 2001, which provided him with a crucial margin of victory, but tried distancing himself from Fulani in 2005.

For years, she’s been dogged by accusations of anti-Semitism stemming from remarks she made in the 1980s and hasn’t fully disavowed. (Lots more about all that here.)

Fulani 2009