Hatchet-Job Katie Couric Bio Hits Bookstores Next Tuesday

The Daily News has some nuggets from Ed Klein's latest Unauthorized Biography. He continues to stalk powerful women in this portrait of Katie Couric, which hits bookstores a week from today.

The News writes:

The most shocking tale in author Edward Klein's unauthorized biography, "Katie: The Real Story," is that Couric's marriage to Jay Monahan was on the rocks long before he died of cancer in 1998.

Quoting one of his numerous unnamed sources, Klein claims the couple had grown so far apart that the "only thing that stood between Katie and divorce was her fear of negative publicity."

Unnamed sources are touted by Klein as having placed bets on how long it would take Couric, who has been a public advocate for cancer victims since Monahan's death nine years ago, to begin to court publicity as a widow; answers were framed in terms of hours.

Matthew Hiltzik, who reps Couric, said: "The baseless gossip about this subject doesn't merit a response." Hatchet-Job Katie Couric Bio Hits Bookstores Next Tuesday