Hillary Fund-Raises Off “I’m Your Girl”

As predicted, Hillary Clinton's campaign has used Clinton's "I'm your girl" remark from Tuesday night's A.F.L.-C.I.O. debate to raise money. 

A fund-raising letter just sent out to supporters from campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle highlights the remarks before heralding the campaign's millionth supporter.

Here's the letter.  

What's the power of a million? It's the power to run a winning campaign; it's the power to restart the 21st century; it's the power to make history.

On Tuesday Hillary said, "For 15 years, I have stood up against the right-wing machine, and I've come out stronger — so if you want a winner who knows how to take them on, I'm your girl!" (Watch the video here.)

But Hillary can't take on the right-wing machine without you. Just look at what you've worked with her to accomplish in recent days:

You signed up your friends, family, and co-workers and helped our campaign reach a million supporters. The millionth, Ron Wood, a computer programmer from Douglasville, Georgia, will be out on the campaign trail with Hillary soon, along with Michelle Smith, a teacher from Warren, Michigan who has supported Hillary's campaign since we launched in January.

You joined tens of thousands of people who signed Hillary's letter calling on George Bush to plan for the safe withdrawal of our troops. We sent the letter along with your names off to the White House today.

You helped lay the groundwork for Hillary's warm reception at YearlyKos, where bloggers and online activists applauded her willingness to fight for core Democratic values.

You helped us open our 19th field office in Iowa, and starting this week, we're going to kick off 99 organizing events — one in each county in the state. It's a huge effort, and it simply would not be possible without your support.

That's the power of a million.

We're not going to stop here. We're going to keep working to change America for the better. We're in this together, and you and I know that Hillary is ready to lead America out of the mess created by the Bush administration. But she can only do it with you at her side.

I can't thank you enough for everything you do.


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Patti Solis Doyle
Campaign Manager
Hillary for President

P.S. You've helped generate great momentum for Hillary's campaign, and now things are really starting to heat up. Hillary's opponents are raising money and launching attacks. Your donation today is critical to Hillary's success. Please make a contribution today — every dollar makes a difference. Hillary Fund-Raises Off “I’m Your Girl”