“I made my family disappear…”

So it’s a double issue week at Observer world headquarters, which for just about everyone means a vacation week. (Except, I’m told, for the prolific Azi, to whom the term “vacation week” means “time in which I only file 800 stories, instead of my usual 1,600.”)

Anyway, in place of the usual crew, you’re stuck with me for the next five work days – or less, should the combination of my general idiocy and Commodore 64-level computer knowledge result in the unfortunate destruction of this site.

If we haven’t had occasion to meet before, allow me to introduce myself: My name is Steve Kornacki and I’ve been contributing columns – mostly on the national political scene – to the Observer for the past few months.

My plan is to mix New York and national stuff here, which is no big change from before. But I have to admit that my background in New York City and state politics is weak. Please don’t let that stop you from passing along any useful information or tips on the local scene these next few days. Look at it this way: Since I don’t know much, I might be easy to spin. And I should mention that I did spend some time on the other side of the Hudson, so I reserve the right to include some gratuitous mentions of Dick Codey.

Anyway, please feel free to shoot me a line to pass something along, to tell me what I’m screwing up, or just to say hello. And I should mention that we will probably be suspending the popular events calendar while I’m here, simply because I’m not plugged into the New York scene. That said, if you are organizing, or simply know of, an event that could use some publicity, pass it along and I’ll be happy to give it a plug. My email is: Steve.Kornacki@gmail.com “I made my family disappear…”